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HYDROCLIMB Park systems are characterized by great flexibility and adaptability. The main idea is a floating park where the courses of obstacles can be mastered in complete safety above the water.

hydroclimb concept
Variable height

A platform is installed on every pylon, wich has a variable height from 1,8m to 3m above water level.

Modular design

It is a modular design and thus easily expandable and/or changeable.

100% ecological

Completely recyclable and non-polluting matrials. Not requiring operational fluids.


The conception is based on floating masts, anchored vertically, wich are supported by specialized polythylene floaters.


Courses can be adapted individually to the respective target group. From children to adult athletes.

Our customers profit from perfect individualized layouts for their environmental structures. Their clients profit from custom optimized obstacle elements.

HYDROCLIMB can be installed on grounded feet as well as floating, depending on the water-deph of the water-body.

Certified obstacle elements made in Germany. Hot-dip galvanized steel-construction DIN EN 1090-2.

Patent Pending


Platform, obstacles and falling-hights are ajustable.

Distances and levels of dificulty are variable and can be customized for your clients.

Low hight + Easy obstacles = For children
Middle hight + Mixed difficulties = For allrounds
Higher level + Difficult obstacles = For warriors

All obstacle-elements are versatile, easy to combine and easy to change.

Updates are easy to implement with many elements

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hydroclimb aquapark structure

Custom color concept

We design you HYDROCLIMB park with the colors of your corporate identity or completely individually free.

Exemple of color concepts :

  • Classic
  • Boot Camp
  • Kids
  • Individual

This leads to th possibility to indicate levelsof difficulty with index-colors on the obstacles or adjust HYDROCLIMB to the colors of your park.


No energy consumption in operation neither electricity or fuel.

  • Noiseless
  • Operation without fats or lubricants
  • Paper free office (99%)